I am a comedian that performs regularly in the London circuit and around the UK.
I started doing comedy during my time at the University of Cambridge. I was a cartoonist for the satirical magazine The Porter’s Log, and I was involved in several comedies, stand-up shows and sketch shows at the ADC Theatre, the Corpus Playroom and the Pembroke New Cellars at the University of Cambridge.
Since I moved to London, I became a member of the Soho Theatre Young Company, and an improv student at the Free Association.
In the time that I have been comedy, one of my shows got transferred to Soho Theatre and I have done well in some of the top comedy competitions.
My comedy style has been described as “original and off-the-wall” with “well-crafted jokes” (Broadway Baby) that shows “a distinctively offbeat way of thinking, generating off-kilter punchlines that are hard to see coming” (Chortle).
2019 will be a year full of projects for me. Learn more about it here.


“jokes and punchlines which really hit you with laughter”
★★★★☆ Broadway Baby (Full review here)


“a very well written show”
★★★★☆ Funny Women (Full review here)


“a gift for the unexpected one-liner”
★★★★☆ Three Weeks (Full review here)


“thought-provoking and unapologetically dark”
★★★★☆ Entertainment Focus (Full review here)


“a charming and distinctive show”
★★★★☆ LondonTheatre1(Full review here)


“keep an eye on this one, because soon she’ll be touring the world with her unique, intelligent brand of comedy”
★★★★★ The Awkward Corner (Full review here)


2019 FameLab regional finalist 
2018 BBC New Comedy Award finalist
2018 Phoenix Artist Club Cabaret Award third place
2018 Man Up! Drag King Contest finalist
2018 London Comedy Store King Gong winner
2018 Leicester Square Sketch Off! runner-up
2018 Max Turner Prize finalist
2017 Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year finalist


These are some of my comedy clips:

Move, Shake, Mango
Albany Theatre


Scenework and Introduction to Game
The Free Association
September 2018 -November 2018
Classes led by Charlie Kemp from The Cartel.

Comedy Lab: Drag and Cabaret Lab
Soho Theatre
January 2018 -April 2018
Classes led by ed by George Heyworth and guests Amrou Al-Kadhi, Celine Lowenthal and Lucy McCormick, with a showcase on 7th April 2018 at Soho Theatre.

Comedy Lab: Comedy Lab Plus
Soho Theatre
October 2017 -December 2017
Classes led by Alison Thea-Skot from the Free Association, with a showcase on 16th December 2017 at Soho Theatre.

Finding the Funny in a Personal Story
Camden Comedy Club
May 2017 – July 2017
Classes led by Beth Vyse, with a showcase on December at Camden Comedy Club.

Introduction to Long-Form Improv
The Free Association
September 2017 -November 2017
Classes led by Freya Slipper from The Cartel.

Introduction to Sitcom Writing
Camden Comedy Club
September 2017 – November 2017
Classes led by Meryl O’Rourke, winner of the Betty and Peter Award.

Comedy Lab: Edinburgh Fringe
Soho Theatre
May 2017 – July 2017
Classes led by Lee Griffiths from Late Night Gimp Fight, with a showcase on 22nd July at Soho Theatre

Young Creatives
Albany Theatre
January 2017 – April 2017
Classes taught by professional theatre makers with a full length show (Move, Shake, Mango) on 1st April at Albany Theatre

Comedy Lab: Stand Up
Soho Theatre
January 2017 – March 2017
Classes led by Andrew Doyle, with a showcase on 18th March at Soho Theatre

Comedy Lab: Sketch
Soho Theatre
October 2016 – December 2016
Classes led by Lee Griffiths from Late Night Gimp Fight, with a showcase on 17th December at Soho Theatre


I have more than 300 gigs under my belt, check out my list of future gigs here. These are some of the shows I would like to highlight:

Isa Bonachera: The Great Emptiness
Gilded Balloon – Old Tolbooth Market
179a Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8BN
Wed 31st July 2019 – Sun 25th August 2019, 16:45
(Producer, Performer, Writer, Publicity Designer)

Isa has been obsessed with outer space all her life, and she spent twenty years trying to become an astronaut. Did she ever get any closer? Award-winning comedian Isa Bonachera will take you on a tour of the cosmos and her broken dreams in this unique stand-up comedy experience. To learn more about this show, click here.

Just the Tonic – Just Up the Road
8-12 Niddry Street South, Edinburgh EH1 1NS
Thurs 2nd August 2018 – Sun 26th August 2018, 14:40
(Producer, Performer, Writer, Publicity Designer)

A character comedy about Muchachico, a Spanish artist whose only desire is to become the greatest artist of his generation, and the many obstacles he faces, from the arbitrary nature of the art industry to his own lack of real talent. 

As the drag king character Muchachico, I was finalist at the Man Up! Drag King Contest 2018 and I got third place at the Phoenix Artist Club Cabaret Awards 2018.

Belly Laugh (Underbelly)
265 Camden High St, London NW1 7BU
Wed 3rd August 2017 – Sun 27th August 2017, 13:00
Soho Theatre
21 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 3NE
Thurs 2nd November 2017, 21:00
(Producer, Performer, Writer, Publicity Designer)

A stand up show about the upside of quitting. Early in 2017 I quitted my PhD at Cambridge to follow my dream of not being miserable doing a PhD in Cambridge. I joined the workforce and some months later I also quitted my first job.

After a good Edinburgh run, it was transferred to Soho Theatre as part of the Soho Rising Festival.

Douglas Way, London SE8 4AG
Sat 1st April 2017, 20:00
(Performer, Writer)

I joined the Albany Young Creatives in January 2017 and we created and produced a show from scratch that was featured as part of the Lewisham Live Festival. The only premise we had to start was the title ‘Move Shake Mango’ (created by the previous group of Young Creatives). The end result was a very eclectic show with poetry, music and interpretative dance. I had to create a narrative to connect every piece, and I ended writing 30 minutes of stand up material about being a young adult.

ADC Theatre Bar (CamDram link here)
Park St, Cambridge CB5 8AS
Mon 20th February 2017, 20:00
(Producer, Performer, Writer, Publicity Designer)

Q&A was one of the funnest stand up shows I have ever produced. I asked three comedians to join me at the ADC Theatre Bar, audience members asked us questions and we had to improvise answers on the spot. 

Corpus Playroom (CamDram link here)
St Edward’s Passage, Cambridge CB2 3PJ
Mon 9th May 2016, 21:30
(Performer, Writer, Producer, Animator)

Growing up in Spain, my bullies at school used to call me “Friki” which means “weirdo.” I embraced this label for my first ever solo stand up show, an hour of weird offbeat observational comedy, that included some strange animations that were projected throughout the show. Friki was very well received (The Tab review here, TCS review here) and we raised a lot of money for the Against Malaria Foundation.


It is not possible for me to list all my sketch comedy gigs, but you can check out my list of gigs here. These are some of the shows I would like to highlight:

Agenda Benders: Witty Gritty Bitty Fitty Committee
Just the Tonic – Just The Wee One
8-12 Niddry Street South, Edinburgh EH1 1NS
Thurs 2nd August 2018 – Sun 26th August 2018, 22:50
(Producer, Performer, Writer, Publicity Designer)

You can see the full show here.

This is is a reinvention of sketch comedy for people with low attention spans. We created a show with 80 sketches in one hour. So far, it has been very well received by all kind of audiences.

Daniel Wye and I, as Agenda Benders, were runners-up in the Leicester Square Theatre Sketch Off! 2018.

Kakapo: Greatest Hits
Etcetera Theatre
265 Camden High St, London NW1 7BU
Tues 2nd May 2017 – Sun 7th May 2017, 21:30
(Producer, Publicity Designer, Performer, Writer)

After finishing the Sketch Lab at Soho Theatre a group of us decided to write a sketch show. Calling our first show “Greatest Hits” was a bold move but we were not technically lying. We booked Etcetera Theatre for a week, and, to our surprise, the show was full almost every day, and we got good audience reviews.

Sketchletons in the Closet
ADC Theatre (CamDram link here)
Park St, Cambridge CB5 8AS
Fri 17th June 2016, 23:00
(Producer, Publicity Designer, Performer, Writer, Director)

A sketch show I created with the cast from Hyper-History and Murder on the Disorient Express (both listed below). This was a one-off show for students at Cambridge that couldn’t afford to go to the overly expensive May Balls and were looking for an hour of affordable fun.

Murder on the Disorient Express
ADC Theatre (CamDram link here)
Park St, Cambridge CB5 8AS
Thu 14th January – Fri 15th January 2016, 23:00
(Performer, Writer, Publicity Designer, Producer, Lyricist)

I got the cast of Hyper-History (listed below) together for another sketch show, this time at the ADC Theatre. In this sketch show, we pretended that one member of the sketch group was murdered and, over the course of an hour, we interrogated suspects in the audience, whilst keeping the remainder at ease with a series of sketches. We included a lot of musical comedy and the ADC was full for the entire run (Varsity Review here).

Corpus Playroom (CamDram link here)
St Edward’s Passage, Cambridge CB2 3PJ
Fri 19th June 2015, 21:30
(Director, Writer, Performer, Publicity Designer, Lyricist)

This was the first sketch show I produced and devised. All the sketches were about historical figures with a framing device about time travelling. There was a lot of musical comedy and slapstick.

String Me Up
Corpus Playroom (CamDram link here)
St Edward’s Passage, Cambridge CB2 3PJ
Mon 11th May 2015, 21:30
Sat 16th May 2015, 14:30
(Writer, Performer, Puppet Master)

A puppet sketch show devised by the talented Rachel Tookey. The show included all types of puppetry: muppets, shadow puppets, sock puppets, and life-size puppets in the style of War Horse. It was fun from start to finish, I built a lot of the puppets and I even did some musical comedy.


Bohemian Lights
ADC Theatre (CamDram link here)
265 Camden High St, London NW1 7BU
Wed 26th October – Sat 29th October 2016, 23:00
(Producer, Publicity Designer, Director, Writer, Set designer)

Bohemian Lights was my own adaptation of Luces de Bohemia, a play by the Spanish writer Ramón María del Valle-Inclán. It was a labour of love and I added a lot of new jokes that I wrote. In this play, the protagonist is blind, so, in my adaptation, the play takes place in the dark and the actors wore wearable lights that were only on when they interacted with the protagonist. This was a big writing, directorial and technical challenge, but the audience loved it and it got good reviews (you can read the Varsity review here and TCS review here).


Porter’s Log
University of Cambridge
April 2015 – December 2016
You can see some of the cartoons under my Monina pseudonym here.

Being part of the Porter’s Log family was one of my favourite comedy experiences in Cambridge. This publication is now a very important part of student life in Cambridge and an example of thoughtful quality satire.

Pdf version here.